I live in Seattle, WA.

I am a hybrid designer with expertise in interaction design, product design, and visual design for digital and print.

I take on every design problem with a human-centered approach. Through design thinking, I put the human at the center of the design. I'm also highly analytical, weighing both the business and user perspective of any service or interaction problem presented. I bring a highly innovative, creative and justified thinking and style to all my projects. As a designer, I collaborate with cross discipline teams to conduct design research including secondary, competitive, market trends, interviews and field research to then analyse and produce insights from observations and data.


I can transform complex problems into simple, actionable solutions, often with a reframing to bring the best solution forward. I can then translate pilots and concepts into full accessible designs across all platforms.


A lot of my current and previous work within the past three years is highly confidential and cannot be displayed on my site. Clients include Fortune 100 Athletic Company, Microsoft, Healthcare, Banking, Accenture internal programs, T-Mobile, Intuit, Florida Power and Lights and many more. I'd love to chat with you about my experience.